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I'm hardly ever on this account, so you can come and bother me on these accounts. I'll list the ones I'm more active on first~

Roleplay Accounts~

I do have some accounts that I do not care for anymore and anyone can have them if they want them. I'll list them below.

Accounts up for Adoption

HEY HEY LISTEN HEY HEY LISTEN HEY LISTEN by endler845612 by kitsunekinFeminine Dudes all The Way by endler
friends are inspirations stamp by piijeniusShy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Love imagination stamp by Mel-RoseyI Love Cute Things by AlbinoSeaTurtleDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
OCs Stamp by himawari-tanCupcake stamp by Mel-Rosey
I love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinI Love cake stamp by LustfulwishStamp-iamreallyacupcake by apparate
Anti-Anti Shota Stamp by yenkeIn defense of shota stamp by infinipede


Isac Levi
United Kingdom

RP cute stamp by himawari-tan
I Prefer Male Pronouns Stamp by Piperwolf201Pronouns Stamp by milkyribbon
342992 by kitsunekin234980 by kitsunekin0934094 by kitsunekin
Don't call us IT's by lgbtqia-stampsmy gender does not need your approval to be valid by lgbtqia-stamps
846516518 by kitsunekin
Honestly, the only person whom I'll allow to call me by female pronouns is my girlfriend... It's okay if you do it on accident though. I don't mind.

Basic info on this booty of mine:

Name: Skyler Smith
Preffered name: Isac Levi
Age: 18
Gender: Transgendered FTM
S/O: Bisexual
Relationship Status: ❤Taken❤
About me:
Uh, well... I'm kind of an awkward person, you could say. x3... I love anime, manga, writing and reading... Roleplaying is definitely something that I'm into. I like to draw and mess with 3D animation in programs such as MikuMikuDance and I'm a beginner in making my own MMD models. I haven't had practice in a year due to not owning a computer that works, so it's likely I'm even more rusty with it than I was perviously. My openly access to the internet is through my iPad and my phone, but I may be getting a laptop sooner or later from a friend of mine so... Yay. x3 Besides the facts, a few Anime's I'm into is Black Butler, Hetalia, DeathNote... Those are a few favorites and currently I'm in the roleplaying community of DRAMAtical Murder. I'll list my accounts on another part of this page so you can check them out if you want- Or just look at their icons. >v<...


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Hey. Hope you're doing okay.
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((//hugs tightly))
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    it's koujaku
      Dramatical Murder Icon: Koujaku (anime PV) 
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Wow ! You're literally awesome ! Thanks for all the trans support, Issac. I'm sure you're an awesome guy ! 😁
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